Acquiring a property in the pre-construction stage, has always been considered a very good investment, since the increase in value from when the property goes on sale, and it is completed,  is important. The city of Miami is no exception; to the contrary, because this city has a unique geographical and climatic condition, combined with the fact that it is a city in full growth, and on its way to having an infrastructure that will make it a unique  metropolis, it is the perfect place for visionaries like you to be and invest.

Since the location is the most important factor when purchasing a property, Miami definitely has to be considered among the first options, and this is the time to do it.

In the market, there is an enormous variety of products, prices, payment terms and delivery time, and it is here, that we, with our experience and knowledge in this field, can give you advise and guidance in making the best choice.

  • We help you in the process of identifying and consolidating opportunities.
  • Assistance in negotiating price and payment terms.
  • Followup of the construction process.
  • Assistance with the inspection of the property prior to delivery.
  • Followup with the developer for all pending details after delivery.
  • Assistance in personalizing  the acquired property.

Contact us for more information on pre-construction projects and let us help you with the process of acquiring the option that best adapts to your requirements